Teach Responsibility? Who Cares?

//Teach Responsibility? Who Cares?

Teach Responsibility? Who Cares?

Responsibility is a moral value. Responsibility is a family value. It is one of the high moral values we call character traits.

But who cares?

We all should care!

  • Parents should care enough to teach responsibility to children.
  • Teachers should care enough to teach responsibility to students.
  • Employers should care enough to teach responsibility to employees.

Teach responsibility and you revolutionize life.

Picture it. You, a mother, make your teen daughter responsible for cleaning the kitchen every day after dinner – and she does it. She does it without reminders, arguments, or pouting. She does it to the utmost of her ability, even if you go out. Would that revolutionize your life?

Imagine this. You, a father, give your nine-year-old son responsibility for the family’s two dogs – and he does everything. He gives them food, water, exercise, play, brushings, and baths. He does it without being told, does it as well as he can, and does it even when no one is watching. Would that revolutionize your life?

Suppose students began to take responsibility in school. They did homework without complaints, even if nobody was around. They did their very best in every class. They raised their grades higher than you thought they ever could. They did their best even when others were not doing their best. Would that revolutionize your life?

People who take responsibility change life for the better!

But who cares?

YOU care – and you can change your family’s life.

  1. First, look in the mirror. Children mimic adults, so decide whether you exercise responsibility. Do you walk your talk? If your children mimic you, will they exercise responsibility?
  2. Second, take steps to MAKE YOU a responsible person. Learn how to keep promises, even if it means personal sacrifice. Learn how to do everything you commit to do, and how to become trustworthy.
  3. Third, ACT on what you have learned about becoming responsible. BE what you want your children to be. Start giving your absolute best, even when others are not doing their best. Give your best to parental responsibilities. Give your best at work.
  4. Fourth, teach your children what it means to take responsibility. Teach them always to be sure they know what is expected by asking questions. Teach them to take action and do everything for which they are responsible. Teach them to meet every commitment to the best of their ability, even when nobody is watching.

You can teach responsibility – but you must care, and you must begin with the person in the mirror. Will you do it?


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