What Character Ed Teachers Can Get FREE!

//What Character Ed Teachers Can Get FREE!

What Character Ed Teachers Can Get FREE!

Yes, we’re growing. Our new site looks totally different from our old site. It has new features that we never had before, and we are adding more new features as rapidly as we can.

One feature you already noticed if you are a character education teacher is that we provide materials and help for you.

Character Education Teachers Face a Challenge.

Character education teachers in many schools seem to share a similar challenge. They need character education lesson plans. They want character education classroom activities to reinforce those lesson plans. They look for a list of character traits, hoping for help on teaching those traits.

All of those things are available, of course – and more. So what is the challenge?

Character Education Teachers Have Limited Funds.

You, the school’s character education teacher, may think that you must find free character education lesson plans.

  • You may think that because the budget is tight, it is up to you to find no-cost character education classroom activities.
  • You may even believe that companies providing character building materials should offer complementary materials to teachers in your position.

Character Education Is a Priority.

Character education is a global priority, no matter how school budgets rank it. The impact of character education is powerful. Character education can revolutionize the world if done consistently and ably. Think of the astounding transformations! Here are just seven of hundreds:

Crime would drop off in every nation on Earth.

  1. Prison populations would plunge, reducing taxes.
  2. Children in every nation would become safer.
  3. Health would improve globally.
  4. Law suits would become virtually non-existent.
  5. Income would increase for even the poorest.
  6. All of us would save money – more than we ever thought possible.

You may not have realized that such an impact was possible, but think about it. Think about the effects of a single character trait such as self-control. Think about the impact made by respect for others an

Character education teachers hold a position that can make an immense, positive difference. They teach, whether they know it or not, the one subject that takes priority over every other!

Priorities Receive Funding.

Maybe you are wise enough to understand that character education is your school’s chief priority. You already grasp the concept of directing funding to priorities. It doesn’t stretch your budget, but you get the picture.

You can get free information on this website. We have things you can use that are free. They are limited, though, and before you go looking for “FREE”, I’d like to ask you three questions.

Does your school receive its science materials free?

  • Do publishers give your school free mathematics textbooks?
  • Do suppliers of language arts materials have anything you could use that is free?

Those branches of learning, although not the school’s chief priority, all receive funding. Yet character education, the priority, does not. Why?

Character Education Is Under-funded.

Here is your big problem.

Character education is under-funded because educators, administrators, superintendents, school boards, and legislators fail to give character education its rightful place.

The U.S. President noted that schools in the U.S. rank 24th in the nation when it comes to science and mathematics. He indicated that those subjects are important. He spoke of them as priorities. He, like so many educators and administrators, considers science and mathematics so important that they must receive more money than other subjects.

That reasoning results in our real priority, character education, being under-funded. It causes you to go looking for free materials. What else can you do?

Teachers Must Take Action

You must take action to get the materials and help you need.

Picture this. Two teachers have lost their jobs. Both are similar in outward appearance. What do they do?

The first teacher takes a left-over crayon and scrawls across a scrap of cardboard: “Unemployed. Please help.” She finds a street corner near a busy store and stands there, day after day, holding her sign requesting FREE help.

The second teacher takes time to decide what she has to offer. She prepares a professional résumé, and adds a cover letter suggesting a variety of positions she could fill well in addition to teaching. She then visits every possible school and business that might need her services. She avails herself of member services in teacher organizations and clubs.

Which teacher is exercising responsibility?

You must exercise responsibility for your character education program. You must speak to your administrator; your superintendent, and your school board on behalf of character education.

Take time to craft a presentation that includes:

Character education’s great value to your school and community

  • Character education’s importance compared to other school subjects
  • Character education’s small or non-existent slice of the budget pie
  • Character education’s cost when done consistently and capably
  • Your personal commitment to character education.

Teachers Can Become Preferred Members.

Character education teachers can access a wealth of character education lesson plans, character education classroom activities, helpful articles, and more through our Preferred Membership site. Click here to learn more about Preferred Membership, what it gives you, and how little you will invest for lifetime access.

Teachers Can Get FREE help.

Character-in-Action.com is growing. Among our new features, teachers can get FREE help through articles such as the one you are reading. Our library of FREE articles continues to grow, offering ongoing FREE help to teachers who visit frequently.

In addition, teachers can subscribe to our FREE eNews and eUpdates – an electronic service designed to deliver character building help to your eMail inbox.


Character education teachers face a challenge, but those who value character fully will overcome the obstacles. They will find funding, apply for grants, invest personal finances, or whatever else may be required to successfully build strong character.


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